By Any Name, The TMF MATCH List Spells Trouble

Keeping Clear of The TMF MATCH LIST

There is no amount of rebranding that can make the TMF MATCH List any less daunting for merchants. TMF (Terminated Merchant File) was the name previously given to the list compiled and managed by Mastercard that contains the names of business owners or merchants whose card processing accounts have been recently terminated. In this case, “recent” refers to within the past five years.

The list, now more commonly known as the MATCH (Merchant Alert To Control High Risk) List, can prove to be a death knell for your business if you somehow land on it. It’s simple…banks use the list to screen merchants and consequently assess their risk as merchant account holders. Your information remains on the TMF MATCH List for 5 full years, making it nearly impossible for your business to process credit cards during that period.

It’s Great to Have an Ally

Removing your name from the list is definitely something that you do not want to do alone. For that task, you will need a seasoned pro, someone with the experience and expertise to wade through the labyrinth of obstacles preventing you from moving on. TFM Law has helped companies gain release from the TMF MATCH List on numerous occasions. In most instances, we have done so without the need to pursue litigation.

Keep in mind that earning a place on the MATCH List is a blemish of the highest order. Most acquirers consider it a “badge of infamy”. The common rule is to reject any merchant on the list. Even should you find an acquirer who is willing to take the risk with you, the asking price for acceptance is extremely high. And should you be fortunate enough to find an acquirer willing to take you on for exorbitant fees, you can count on increased scrutiny and extra monitoring, not to mention delayed access to funds.

In some cases, of course, you could be placed on the list in error. But even then, acquirers are hesitant to remove your name from the list because of possible liability issues should it turn out that you were improperly removed. Whatever the reason for landing on the TMF MATCH List, now known simply as The MATCH List, the value of having a seasoned advocate on your side is immense.

An Imprecise Science

One of the most perplexing aspects is that no formal notification process has been established for those placed on the TMF MATCH list. It’s quite typical to be completely unaware that you’ve been moved onto the list until you are rejected when applying for a new account. Clearly, the vagueness of certain rules and requirements pertaining to the list makes it even more bewildering. After all, fighting for reinstatement is difficult when you don’t know the proper protocols. And very few people do know them. That’s why having a skilled negotiator and powerful advocate fighting for you is essential.

The most common reason to be placed on the TMF MATCH List is due to excessive chargeback activities. So if a number of your transactions result in chargebacks, there’s a good chance that you are already on the list. While it may be difficult for you to research that possibility, we can explore that prospect for you. Other reasons to contact someone like TFM Law would be if you have had any recent security issues, bankruptcies, non-compliance matters, or even possible fraud. These incidents are almost certain to earn a spot on the dreaded list.

TMF MATCH Deserves Immediate Attention

The key to solving the problem of the TMF MATCH List is quick action. The longer your name is exposed on the list, the more opportunities for a damaged reputation and diminished business opportunities. We at TFM Law believe that your case is worth fighting for, and we are committed to results. Take a few moments to get a better understanding of how the list works and how you can prevent its damaging repercussions.