Facing a Daunting Challenge

In most cases, MasterCard will remove a merchant from the MATCH list, only if the acquirer reports that it added the merchant in error, or if the merchant was added to MATCH for PCI-DSS non-compliance and has since become compliant. It can be a highly challenging process to convince an acquirer to remove you from the MATCH list, since acquirers are liable to subsequent acquirers for losses caused by merchants they should have placed on the list.

Inquire and Explain

If you are placed on the MATCH list, find out why. If you are you be working with an agent to find processing, the agent can run an inquiry to find out who placed you on the list and the reason code associated with the listing. This will help guide you as to the best way to get off the list.

Usually, your best shot at getting removed from MATCH is to persuade the processor who placed you on the list that you should be removed. This means demonstrating to the payment company that your conduct does not meet the requirements for the MATCH listing. For instance, your chargeback rate did not exceed 1%, or you did not engage in “excessive fraud” as defined by the rules. In any case, having experienced, professional representation can be a major advantage in getting your name removed.

Taking the Next Step

When persuasion doesn’t work, consider a lawsuit. In certain instances, lawsuits or arbitrations can lead the acquirer to remove a merchant from the MATCH list. Lawsuits, however, can be expensive, and a small merchant typically will not get a positive return on investment by taking this approach.

Finally, MasterCard will occasionally remove someone from the list on its own. For example, sometimes acquirers put merchants on the list for small charges such as failing to pay an early termination fee. This is not a valid reason to put a merchant on MATCH, and the brands will normally be receptive to removing you if you demonstrate that this is the reason.

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Theodore F Monroe answers the most commonly asked questions about Mastercard’s MATCH List.

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