Our Record of Success

Relieving the Weight of the MATCH List

The Law Offices of Theodore Monroe has a verifiable record of getting companies and individuals removed from MATCH. We have successfully extracted dozens of merchants from the MATCH list, helping both businesses and individuals placed there for any number of reasons. Some of those infractions have included:

  • Brand Standards
  • High Chargebacks
  • Excessive Fraud
  • Merchant Collusion
  • Credit Card Laundering
  • Identity Theft

In many cases, we have also removed individuals who have been inappropriately associated with a MATCHed merchant; for instance, when a processor places certain employees inappropriately on the MATCH list.

Generally, the process of removal can be completed within 10 to 20 business days, unless litigation is required. It is rare, however, when litigation is worth the significant expenditures for a merchant.

Don’t let the list devastate your business. Rely on professional know-how to eliminate MATCH problems. The Law Offices of Theodore Monroe will get it done and potentially save you thousands.